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My village life

Shrimali Jayesh
Mixed Media 24 X 48 Inches Contemporary
About My Work Statement Ache, sorrow, grief, tears… My practice focuses on the issues related to my personal history, my inner feelings, struggles and anxieties. Through my installations, I unfold autobiographical memories, the trauma of death and the absence left from my parents. I use my practice as a way to re￾introduce myself to the world and unveil my real self. The symbolism of the imagery and the meaning behind the use of colour has become more and more important in my work. My conception towards form contextualises familiar visual signs overlapped with positive space, where I seek to create an engaging visual environment through found objects, lines, colours and forms. I use found objects that resonate with my memories. I use doors and windows from our old family house as a way to symbolise the deep connection that I still feel between myself and my parents. Windows play a vital role in my work, nails, glass and wood are the materials that I prefer and I use fire to burn surfaces and create textures and patterns. This recent body of work documents my journey of self discovery, through my works I wont to share my story with the world. Shrimali Jayesh
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