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Sukanta Adhikary
Watercolor on Paper 23 X 34 Inches Figurative
We live in a diverse world and people from different walks of life think and act differently. Men and women of various ages, going through different stages of life, having completely different lifestyles, have one thing in common thoughts. We all have our own share of experiences. However, every one of us, have caught ourselves at some point thinking and questioning, in the comfort of our own space where we are segregated from the world. I have tried to feel their thoughts, see their vision, touch their souls. What they think is not really my area of concern, nor is their background. I have come to realise that even though we are different in our own ways, our thoughts and questions merge in the same direction. I have attempted to unite their thoughts with mine to portray the same thing. We dont thrive in this world of imagination forever but return to our respective realities. I have made an effort to use my colours in expressing a union of their feelings with mine. I have mostly used weightful or rich colour to express my vision into something that is easy and lucid, something that is not perfect, something that is not precise, but just an emotion.
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