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Mahesh Nirantare
Oil on Canvas 42 X 48 Inches Abstract
From long before I tried many ways to paint. I’m a spirituality believer. I want to paint only and see what exactly happens on space, both inner and outer. Every color, texture, line, shape, has its own nature, expression. It might not new to work with these things to the world. But for me those things plays key role for my experiments. Many things in my works come from nature. In short way anyone can say it Landscape. But in traditional modern way these even doesn’t have any resemblance with visual nature. I don’t want to copy the nature, but want its impact on my mind. Someone can say it Mindscapes. Paul Klee said, ‘’ Art does not produce what we see, it makes us see.’’ For me painting is just like a part of journey, the journey towards inside. It’s a very spiritual thing for me. I found it is a meditation. I want to do lot of experiments. I want to paint the impact of nature on my mind. I explore more through my work. Painting Influences the daily lives and I want to Paint.
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