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Vathsalya S
Acrylic on Canvas 16 X 20 Inches Figurative
"Meraki- This is a word that modern Greeks often used to describe what happens when you leave a piece of yourself-your soul - creativity or love in your work." The perks of being a self taught artist are you get to enjoy every tiny struggle of painting, learning your own ways and you are your best teacher it is true happiness. This painting I created in the year 2017 was my first ever canvas board painting. I named this creation after the word 'Meraki' because, when you love doing something, anything so much that you put something of yourself into it. This painting is more like a mirror reflection- through art that seeks to represent external reality. She knew the power of her mind... When she dives deep into thoughts, lost in the universe of her own in the artist realm you know who YOU are. You are your thoughts, create a better universe inside of you. Feel everything that is beautiful and possible in your soul and finally let yourself become it. This painting gives a deeper meaning to life and reminds how powerful self reflection can be and how amazing the universe can bloom if we give the right freedom to everyone like they imagine it to be. Set free and love the universe and all the elements in it beyond all doubts and insecurities rise above all. The first painting I created with no knowledge of brush strokes or paint usage... I struggled a bit but it was all worth the hard work put in at the end because I love what I create and did not stop ever since.
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