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Ankur Yadav
Oil on Canvas 200 X 180 Inches Contemporary
I am interested in the demarcation lines between what is known and what is considered unknown --how epistemology (the theory of knowledge) arrives at a certain set of canons, which are often imposed by agencies of power, to represent and deal with the known and the unknown. With this set of concerns, I use chaos, disorder and rupture as a strategy while dealing with objects being used in the natural history museum or in the science museum. Which are generally schematized in a grid in order to reveal and facilitate particular kinds of viewership/readings. In my work, I relies on instinct, spontaneity and disorder, to give a sense of disaster produced by the knowledge it generates. The knowledge is perhaps catastrophic in nature. It started from the enlightenment of the 16th century, followed by the colonisation and today’s urbanisation. It utilises the same basic methodology - to KNOW first then COLONISE and DESTROY.
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