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I’m on My Own

Manil Gupta
Acrylic on Canvas 31 X 58.5 Inches Abstract
"Things keep changing. What I think, how I think, what I paint, how I paint. Guess that’s called being alive. The angst is no more. It is more of an understanding that prevails. The unknown excites more now. Not forcing an idea/concept on the work. Not thinking, just standing there in front of the canvas and literally letting it guide me, spontaneously. Not knowing what it will look like and where it will go. That feels more thrilling and liberating, from the usual clutches of conditioning and clichéd thought patterns. I now feel that stories are so naturally etched in the subconscious that I don’t have to force them in the art-making process. My usual themes of personal reflections (the usual, who am I? why I am? duh!), intra-personal emotions and relationship dynamics, behaviour patterns, the politics of power & society, the spiritual, the lines of control and the desperate urge to break free from it all."
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