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Vishal K
Sculpture 18 X 34 Inches Sculptures
My culture and my environment has huge impact and influence on my art practice.. as I come from traditional artist family, I grew up copying my ancestors traditional drawings. my family members inspired me to create sculptures in my childhood and then they guided me to improve my artistic skills.. later my art education in college developed my creative and contemporary thought process.. then I started creating art works incorporating my traditional skills with contemporary ideas.. Growing up around folk and traditional art, there are various elements that catch the attention. One such strong elements was it's Traditional and folk masks. It is simple, minimal, expressive, and also complex, exaggerated, decorative. These are my inspiration to start the my sculpture series called "Life Does not Exist Without Expression". I tend to work around common human expressions and characteristics but with the tinge of exaggeration and decorative, traditional, folk, contemporary elements.
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