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Mahamaya the Primal The Ultimate

Gurukinkar Dhang
Acrylic on Canvas 60 X 36 Inches

mahamaya the conscious understanding of the omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent. it's the ageless eternity, yet conceived at a time of cosmic turbulence, promising to manifest itself in order to protect the cosmic balance, hence playing the dual role of destroyer and preserver
nirguna,and when united with sakti, maya becomes saguna, the great cause of this world. to explain the concept, that which does not have a physical embodiment unites with maya the ultimate attachment for peace and serenity to prevail. an emblem, of supreme embodiment, of form as well as formlessness. maya is divided into two, vidya and avidya. avidya (the untamed) maya hides her; whereas vidya maya reveals. avidya is the source of creative energy whereas vidya, maya liberates.

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