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golden leaf

Onkar Kshirsagar
Mixed Media 7 X 7 Inches Contemporary
All cultures have some myths about fundamental issues related to the human condition. Of these, the most noticeable ones are those about the evolution of man and where he is destined to eventually go. In a sense, culture is a commentary on our past and future. Where contemporary science fails to address an issue adequately, it is mythology that shows us the road ahead, however unclear as it may be…    At present, we seem to have quit worrying about the past and future. Perhaps because of our pre-occupation with progressive and modern thought, we only think about the present times that we inhabit. This seems to be our credo. The selfish intent of living in the present has eroded our sense of the past that kept us rooted to our land and culture. The present generation doesn’t seem to have considered how these things should be preserved for the coming generations. 
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