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First Sermon

Rahul Kokate
Mixed Media on Paper 14 X 11 Inches Mythological
“An Art work should purely Reflect the artist, Who has done it “ An Artist express his thoughts ,emotions from various experiences of surrounding . The mind of artist is a source of new ideas . He can look any common thing with different views as his vision is wide . as I believe in observation , Expression & structure . When I was start my art practice . I worked on surrounded solid forms i.e. constructive objects etc . I gave importance to minimal lines of the object an there structural values . After those expressions I move towards surrounding real objects. so I found those objects in our Indian miniature paintings forms . my personal practice I realized in our Indian miniature artist gave importance to story and backgrounds so in my work I took references form miniature backgrounds in my practice. I believe “ surrounding effect on artworks “ for that understanding I worked at CSMVS. during that period I research on Indian miniature painting forms and Museum culture in my paintings I relate my work today’s urban culture . A Mughal Painting represented a fusion of the Persian Miniature with older Indian traditions, and from the 17th century its style was diffused across Indian princely courts of all religions, each developing a local style. the 19th century also introduced art schools along Western lines, leading to modern Indian painting, which is increasingly returning to its Indian roots. Indian paintings provide an aesthetic continuum that extends from the early civilization to the present day. From being essentially religious in purpose in the beginning, Indian painting has evolved over the years to become a fusion of various cultures and traditions. So I took as a tool of my Art work in that period they gave importance to Trees , Animals , Architecture of empire ect. On those keys I use in my work an relate with todays urban civilization. I am belongs to mill worker family . but now all these things are changing because so many year passed away Now Mill’s are disappearing & we all see Malls , buildings are replacing them .We see construction all our surrounding & because of that able to see solid forms all over .There are so many solid forms in our surrounding i.e. in our common & urban space . I am working on that solid form . solid form can be any object & any objectives which we use in working class & by taking inspiration from workers, structure , & objectives An Artist express his thoughts ,emotions from various experiences of surrounding . The mind of artist is a source of new ideas I Working across disciplines, uses formats such as illustration, collage, video, publications, sculptural forms and collaborative community projects. Although often referencing the everyday, my work uses to reflect upon more serious social and psychological issues and situations. Through my preoccupation with elements such as line, form, structure, composition I delves into negotiations between constructs of negative and positive spaces – both tangible and intangible. Using modes of layering, I draws on sources that span memories of places, fragments from historical artworks, snippets of personal incidents, and things such as tourist maps collected during my travels. A lot of the imagery originates from my everyday surrounding – construction sites across the city, the working class people to which I identifies himself and my family. And Mainly work on Global warming issue around the world .Past and the present coexist comfortably in my works. I wants to look back and move forward.
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