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Acrylic and Ink on Canvas 30 X 30 Inches

void space call of god

I decorate my picture in the same way as I selflessly decorated a child, as if a child himself was decorating his toy. Indeed ? Is decorating full of love or the first step of creation?
The child has not yet understood the physical world properly, yet he is enjoying decorating.
Is there any connection between creativity and love?

One can also feel the expansion of decorating with time. I feel the same when decorating a child or an elderly person.
The expansion of love is not limited to humans only, all existing things give the same feeling.

As if the empty space (God) is calling, requesting to decorate itself.
As if the empty sky is waiting for the night to see the moon and stars adorned on itself.
Woman waiting for her youth to see her empty pride decorated.
The earth is waiting for light to see itself decorated with trees.

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