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Depth of perceiving

Bhaskara Vamsi
Sculpture 45 X 29 Inches Sculptures
In my work I want to show the human emotions and feelings in the form of ancient architecture reference. I which I've tried to express the paradox of emotions and situations in which two opposites exists at the same time but both are realities we live in. my individual sculptural forms talks about different aspects and experiences we face in our lives. architecture is a space where a memory or an experience is created. when we enter the specific space we get connected to the memory and the essence we had there. I look at architecture from a different perspective rather than a living or an utility space. each element in architecture has different connection to each individual. I want to establish that connection in my work making the viewer to engage himself with the work without knowing about the work's exact depiction. In this way viewer gets more involved with the work and connects one self.
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