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Colour: Black - Essence of Positivity

Jyoti Bansal
Mixed Media on Paper 30 X 20 Inches Abstract
My work is a recording of my vision and memories, way of expressing my feelings, subconscious thoughts and ideas. Working with polar spaces (negative and positive) is my way of narration. My work is all about how forms and colors are used as a medium to evoke a certain mood and a sharp response in the viewer. I believe that the abstract composition allows for freedom of interpretation and a viewer to have their own unique interpretation of the artwork. As humans have a tendency to see patterns in nature. The forms and shapes in the artwork also hugely impact the viewer. Letting the viewer come into my space of creation and complete own variant of content. This work draws from the Japanese philosophy of Wabi-Sabi and Kintsugi that believes that nothing ever be perfect, permanent or complete and that the process of aging enriches the experience of life rather than diminishes the quality or purpose. While taking the core essence from the philosophy I bring my own aesthetic and style in relation to Indian traditional tapestry weaving technique to the table and offers a fresh perspective of visual art combined with philosophy.
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