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Blind balance

Pavan Kavitkar
Watercolor on Paper 24 X 24 Inches Contemporary
As a practicing artist it is always the surroundings matter to me, because surrounding itself gives me questions regarding the social and political situation of the space. Visual which is seen around me like growing construction sites near to my place comes in my work repetitively. Day to day news on social media contains which make me think and has a huge impact in my work. My work speaks about environmental and social space which adds to compose my images and my paintings. It explores the contrasting relationship of nature and human which brings the similar and contrasting elements together like migrations of birds and human towards cities and its adverse effects on both. It also takes input and agricultural sector where the local farmers and their large number of suicides happening in India is huge concern because of scarcity of water and the bad political policies. In my drawings few visuals also make question and an observation about the daily plastic objects and waste where it is my daily routine in my day to day life.
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