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Sweta Kaneria
Others 48 X 36 Inches Contemporary
My areas of interests are objects and my surroundings, Objects whether they are natural or man-made, which are broken or damaged by the course of time. I see the things around me both in realistic and abstract manner just like our lives. So there is a frequent superimposition of realism and abstraction within a work. By the use of these abstract structures, I tried to attain a sense of 'movement' in my artwork. The transparency of colour and the sober tone support this. The geometric shapes within an object always fascinate me. The co-existence of both, these are not 'dual’, I perceive it as 'one'. I am born and brought up in a place where the nature's beauty is at its best with hills and forest. The place where old architecture is also there its old broken quality attracts me, where now I am also finding newly constructed buildings. In my recent work I am dealing with an environment which reminds me of some old memories and old architecture from where I and my family belong. I believe that memories are always there it can't change or vanishes totally it's our part of life. I am trying to discover it from my surrounding whatever place I go. How things changing time by time! Old architecture is replacing the highly modernized architecture. I am trying to juxtapose both this differentiation from my surroundings. The portions of landscapes, small brick forms and the cityscapes, which appear in many of my works due to, my deep attachment with nature and divinity of my hometown. Most of my works deal with destructed, damaged or abandoned things and places. We observe our surroundings daily which contains memories as well. I like to "re-construct" this environment in my works. I used to experiment with 'multiple perspective'. The idea of “space”, “format”, “geometric patterns”, and “spontaneous form of marbling” are the main elements of my works. I use gouache and tempera on silk cloth and paper as the medium of work.
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