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Avinash Pise
Acrylic on Canvas 72 X 48 Inches

Evoking Emotion Through Bold Brushstrokes
From my earliest memories, I have nurtured a passion for creative expression. After exploring a variety of mediums, including watercolor landscape-outdoor painting and live art, I found myself as an abstract painter whose artistic expression emerges from an intimate dance between chaos and control, motion and stillness, form and formlessness. My work is an expression of energy and emotion transmitted to the canvas through the unconventional use of rollers and squeegees, allowing me to extend my reach and amplify my gestures. The large-scale pieces I create are not mere visual spectacles, but symphonies of the rhythms of my entire being, tangible remnants of my interactions with the invisible forces around me.

The clear lines often visible in my work are symbolic reflections of unity, wholeness and infinity. They emerge naturally when I let go of control, allowing the rollers and squeegees to become an extension of my body, moving fluidly and deliberately across the canvas. This method requires unity of intention and dedication, each stroke being a conscious embodiment of my thoughts, feelings, and the physicality of my being.

The process of creation with full body movement is an exciting journey of self-discovery and transformation. It allows invisible inner landscapes to flow outward, revealing hidden layers of my psyche. This approach to painting is influenced by the spontaneity of action painting and the contemplative nature of Zen art, reflecting a synthesis of dynamic movement and meditative stillness.

The scale of my paintings invites the viewer to immerse themselves in the visual experience, not only seen but also invisible - the energy, the emotion, the essence that breathes life into the paint. The vibrancy of the colors, the interplay of light and shadow, and the myriad textures are the interaction between my inner world and the infinite universe, resonating with the universal dance of creation and dissolution.

My exploration of abstraction pushes me to move into unknown realms of expression and perception. His commitment to expressing profundity through the abstract inspired my journey to go beyond the visual and touch the supernatural.

In essence, my work is a testament to the limitless possibilities of human expression when body, mind and spirit become one. It is an invitation to experience a transcendental reality, feel the pulse of existence and contemplate the interconnected dance of all living beings. My aspiration is to awaken wonder, introspection and a new awareness of self and the universe in each observer.

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