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Foggy Morning

Avinash Pise
Acrylic on Canvas 36 X 48 Inches

I am in awe of the breathtaking masterpiece that is Nature. It serves as a wellspring of inspiration and a sanctuary for artists. Through my paintings, I express my deep admiration for nature, using the colors of my imagination and creativity. I strive to depict nature as I perceive it, not just with my eyes but with my mind and heart.

Light is the central theme of my artwork, influencing how we perceive and respond to it. It is the driving force behind artists' work, motivating us to paint. However, light can be as fleeting as a wisp of smoke as we endeavor to capture its various moods. My brush is always in motion.

Painting is an integral part of my daily life, as essential as eating and sleeping, even more so, akin to breathing! I cannot imagine a day without engaging in some form of artistic expression, whether through conversation, reading, or active participation. Like a moth to a flame, a painter is drawn to light. Despite experimenting with different forms, mediums, and styles of painting, my artistic journey has inevitably led me to pursue the elusive quality of light, found in the radiant sunset, the dawn of a new day, or the shimmering reflections on water bodies.

Avinash's artistic style is bold and dynamic, characterized by his adept use of oil and paint application to capture the effects of light on his subjects. Through his work, he seeks to convey atmosphere through light and color, exploring varying levels of abstraction.

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