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Atypical Companions

Mounika Sannidhi
Mixed Media on Paper 22 X 30 Inches Figurative
Atypical companion: A series of figurative artworks symbolizing atypical relationships with their loved companions. I put together a few emotions you feel when you come across them on the streets or on the way to work or at a park. My subjects are representations of real life people such as a women carrying her chicken to her home after a long day at the farm or the old man in your neighbourhood who always has a couple of dogs following him like his posse or the old men and women who sit by the park and feed the pigeons. What I noticed was the love and peace they emoted while they were in their element and this is what I call atypical companions! Having a companion brings one joy, love and pleasure an escape from their reality and entering into a completely new one thus giving humans a connection beyond words to explain.
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