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Am I? Are You? - The Womb

Rubkirat Vohra
Mixed Media 9 X 9 Inches Contemporary
Rubkirat takes a big leap from her last show The Metamorphosis of Power breaking the confines of her art. She chooses the materials (her current objects of affection and experimentation) in complete synchronicity with her internal chatter and silences. Her architectural bent lends an interesting perspective to the narrative her art creates. She controls the uncontrollable highly fluid metal to create the protagonist of her story, the etchings in wood, urdu and gurmukhi letters, the architectural influences, human figurines metal wires create a symbiotic environment that has a compelling narrative. Her work is contemporary notwithstanding the historical architectural forms that filters into her work in alignment with her being a qualified architect. Although she conforms to the chatter and silences of her inner being, her art is deeply immersive lending a serene calmness to the viewer as though stemming from her own contentment and realization.
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