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Nature Bird (Set of Two)

akula Raghu
Mixed Media Each 18 x 18 Inches

Visualise a world where there are no flowers and trees, no blue sky, no birds, no fish, no corals, no beetles, no butterflies.

We can't imagine it at all!


Today, inspite of everyone becoming so tech savvy, so social, self sufficient, there is no denying the fact that we are extremely dependent on nature. There is no You and Me without Nature, her beautiful creations, her natural vibrant colours and all that we take for granted.

It's easy to think all will be with us forever.

But as we know in the present day, birds like starlings and house sparrows and butterflies have declined so much in numbers that they are now listed as endangered species.


Studies show that over half of our wild life, plants, insects, birds, animals, mammals are in danger of extinction.

Overlooking the importance of nature and neglecting our responsibility to protect nature for us and our future generations as we go about our busy lives,  will make it disappear in front of our eyes.


As artists, we are inspired by all the myriad forms of nature. While we see her in all her

  glory, let us all strive so she does not unleash her fury. We request each of you to help save and protect it in your own way… plant a tree, donate to upkeep a park that can be home to birds and butterflies, contribute to lessr carbon emissions….any which way that will keep our planet green and healthy.

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