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A tale from a tree - II

Hifzul Sheikh
Acrylic on Canvas 48 X 15 Inches Contemporary
My artwork reflects the world around me and the subjects that moves and inspire me. Art for me is communication with a language of shapes, forms, color, pattern and texture. Through my new series of work, Wishing trees, it is my intention to arouse and stimulate; to comment on some important issues (environmental, political), and, to simply delight the eye and feed the soul. Issues of connectedness and relationship between individuals and groups and between people and their environment underlie all my work. The images in this series are all from my previous series where I have tried to build my relationship with my roots and our mythology, from the time of antiquity, humans have wondered about the mysteries of the world around them. When reason and science cannot provide a satisfying answer, imagination steps in and mythology takes root. As an Artist, I liked to nurture the narrative of a myth, n given it a life by creating my own imaginary characters through my process of making paintings. I believe that characters from Indian mythology which I paint have an inescapable presence in everyday life and language. Their stories have been continually retold across all forms of culture including Art. The stories themselves may seem implausible and bewildering. I make Monsters and hybrid creatures abound, magical transformations are frequent (from human to animal or plant, from god to human or animal, and everything in between), and the family lives of gods and humans intertwine.
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