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A Divine Love story

Anushree Rani
Oil on Canvas 20 X 30 Inches Mythological
The painting depicts the story of ultimate love between human and the Divine. The Divine being Lord Krishna, and the humans named Radha-Rani and Meera-Bai. Both the women showed tremendous affection and love for their Lord. Though they were never married to HIM, both had different ways to profess how they felt. It is a story of purity and innocence, one which can hardly be captured onto a canvas or via words. Krishna has always been depicted in scriptures and images as having a body of blue, adorned with a peacock’s feather and a flute in his hand. The music from His flute created a transcendental effect on all the girls in his village, who were drawn to him in an uncanny way. Radha was one of them. Instant connection and fireworks started when these two met. Radha was always aware that Krishna was divine. Hence what started as devotion, turned into love. Love that was not tainted by the physical. Love that cannot be described by earthly pleasures. Love that was nonsensical, one, from which you cannot logic your way into or out of it. Love which was pure. Meera-Bai, on the other hand, took Lord Krishna to be her wedded husband from her heart at a very young age. Though she married a prince, her soul belonged to Krishna. After her household duties were over, Meera would go to the temple of Lord Krishna, worship, sing and dance before HIS Idol daily. Her mother-in-law and other ladies did not like her ways and forced her to worship goddess Durga. But she maintained, that she had “given up her life for her Krishna”. Krishna had tremendous fondness for both HIS devotees, amidst the sea of ladies who devoted their life to HIM. But HIS favorite was always Radha. Like her, even HE was in tremendous love with her, while at the same time he loved Mira-bai. The concept of loving someone and being in-love with someone can be mythologically traced back this instance. Both are pure but are so very different. Since Krishna himself was fascinated and in love with Radha, their physical attenuation, yet spiritual augmentation – made them one with each other. This union was far more superior as compared to any wedded love. Thus, their metaphysical coadunation, as depicted in the painting, expresses them to be paramours, rather than just a husband and a wife. They complete each other, and this is what I aimed at depicting via my painting here, 2 different types of love captured in their own innocence.
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