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When these Donuts flew down

Isha Itwala
Pen, Pencil or Ink on Paper 8 X 11 Inches Figurative
At the heart of my practice lies the ailing body that has grown from my personal experience with regular hospitalization and medication that continues to this day. Illness, although not defining, definitely shapes the life and identity of the patient and his/her caregivers. Thus, I look at the body as a tool of communication between the self, memory, other bodies (living and non-living) and space. I see it as a process of decay and a vessel that holds memories of despair, terror, hopelessness and conversely the transient nature of life and its preciousness which helps in coming to terms with scars of abuse, taboo, violence, and illness. I see my practice as an extension of an autobiographical journal entry and thus seek to archive my experiences and mundane observations through my work. By bringing to the center of my practice the diseased and deformed body that has been otherized and shunned by human society throughout history, I seek to start conversations around it while laterally addressing larger issues such as gender violence, biological warfare, impact of epidemics, and contemporary medical science’s invasiveness and general incapacity. Please note that this work is in the book format and so it has around 15 other images of work with it.
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