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"What About You?"

Yash Jani
Watercolor on Paper 29 X 39 Inches Figurative
i live in old ahmedabad pol area.where i grew up there are different different name of pols. (pol like street(like gully area)) here in text in top of painting JAHAPANAH NI POL this is name of pol. and in this painting in middel front a big figure and the figure is bathing. and the figure face is like ora the jahapanah and the figure mudra is also like jahapanah. and the figure is my self. and in this painting also lotts of figures and activity surrounding me. like daily routine life. and the text also part of my surrounding and the surrounding figures is like unique nature and create unique expressions like drama and daily routine life . so i tell the viewer who you are? who i am? and i show the viewer metaphoric text of jahapanah and mudra of jahapanah like my self and i draw. HERE I'M and WHAT ABOUT YOU? and WHAT ABOUT YOU? is Title.
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