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Visual diary of non linear structure

Suneesh S S
Oil on Canvas 9 X 9 Inches Figurative
I have selected the village life which is very influential to me from my childhood as the theme of my work from the complicated life style of Bengal. I depicted the different methods of food gathering and its tools which make more importance to existence. Every people are struggling for survival in different ways. But the famers and indigenous people’s way to existence or their food gathering are more natural and peaceful than other people. I represented the food items also along with the way of food gathering. These foods have more medicinal value which prevents many illnesses. But these are habituated only with the villagers. Fast food eaters ignore these healthful food and life style. In my work, I try to depict the entertainment of villagers, especially the bowl music which is more calmness and peaceful. I think the beautiful villagers have some kind of power as web. We don’t know where the starting point of web is whether it is from centre point or from it is from its first circle. In other words we can read web as both general to particular and particular to general. Like that I try to depict both villagers as general and individual as particular.
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