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Labyrinth of Dreams

Uttam Bhattacharya
Acrylic on Canvas 60 X 42 Inches

As children we have a lot of dreams . Our naivete leads us to believe that the world is at our feet and we can achieve all these dreams. But as we grow older, we are faced with reality and the harshness of life. Our dreams seem foolish. We start losing our way and get trapped in the labyrinth of life- not living but merely surviving.
But if we are lucky enough to have people who love us and support us - their strength acts like Ariadne's string for us. Guiding us through the twists and turns of the labyrinth. Allowing us to rediscover our lost dream wings. Helping us realise that though we maybe momentarily lost - life is still beautiful and dreams still vibrant and worth chasing after

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