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Purvi Parmar
Mixed Media on Canvas 36 X 60 Inches Contemporary
My work shows different situations and incidents occurring in surrounding (good/bad) using different forms. The key through which I select my forms is by using different thoughts which I perceive in different people. Every people have different views and thoughts about objects and things around them, similarly I have my own views and thoughts on the situations, incidence and things happening around me. I am using cityscape in my works as a land. In the now days infrastructure is developed so much. In the nowdays a person have losted their own feelings, their own choices. By this work I am standing upon this world and enjoying my space. I have used cityscape in my work at place of the Land area.I am very impressed by the growing infrastructure of my surroundings. In the composition of nature, a men has created their own creation.
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Life is all about being in the moment ... And here Eclipse is that frozen golden moment which encompasses the land as cityscape and Metaphorical contrast play of Light and Darkness of life...