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Komal Dodiya
Mixed Media on Canvas 72 X 48 Inches Figurative
How do I start my vision? When people laugh at something, I find it interesting and I enjoy it. My thoughts are based on sarcasm and my child-like nature. I train myself to draw unrealistic forms. Instead of depicting the original character of the object, person or situation; I try to create something unconventional with my own perspective. I twist and turn things before I put them in a painting. My process may seem weird to some but I love it and I can relate it to our society very much. My entire work is based on my sketchbook practice. First draw in my sketchbook, sometimes I draw from nature and sometimes from memory. While drawing I merge natural forms with man-made and human forms as well. Questioning my surroundings and questioning the visual is my natural instinct. References for my work come from cartoon characters, animals and birds, fashion magazines, newspaper clippings and also from funny clips and videos that I happen to see. My sketch-book practice includes collage work as well, where I juxtapose the printed image with my own drawing or painting.
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In this particular work. I am thinking about ‘first impressions’. Whenever we look at something or someone, we tend to judge them by their appearances. But it is well known that looks can be deceiving. My character in the painting, is in formal attire but is actually looking very comical and childish. I apply the same principle to birds as well. A water bird looks very quiet and unassuming but it also has its eye on the fish in the water, ready for a chance to take a dip. I always like my viewers to look at my work in all orientations, landscape, portrait; evening placing it diagonally.