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The Inner Soul of a Woman-Earth, Water, Air, Fire

Aditi Soni
Mixed Media on Canvas 24 X 20 Inches Contemporary
The Inner Soul of a Woman-Earth, Water, Air, Fire Earth- Woman is the creator of life and boundless hopes and dreams. A creator of safe haven for a life to flourish and prosper. The color green represents life on earth. The lotus represents purity of body, mind and speech. The circle of flower in her hand represents the very essence of what earth represents and the blooming flower on her head is the sign of possibilities and a beautiful life. The inspiration of motifs is from North India. The golden motifs in the background and patterns are door designs from Leh and Ladakh and Jaipur. Water- The strength that lies beneath the oceans is same as that in a woman. She protects you even when she is surrounded by the waves herself. I have always been fascinated by the waves that surround the western part of India and so the inspiration of presenting the inner soul of a woman originated from it. Air- The wind represents the warrior as the inner soul of a woman. Woman like wind is the breath of universe. The spirit of strength makes her fearless and stable embibing the spirit of sustaining life. There lives a warrior in every woman. The motifs are from eastern part of India, mostly Nagaland. The two warriors in the background are the authentic Chang Naga Warrior. The patterns and designs are mostly found in tribal shawls of north east. The headgear is a sign of pride and honor that a woman holds even when fighting a storm. Honor and Pride- a woman holding her ground through a storm. Fire- The fire represents that inner soul of a woman which is related to transformation. Spiritual as well as destructive. A woman has the strength of remaining calm even in a fire storm and fight the impossible and be the protector. The background colors represent fire and enlightenment. The designs portray the traditional rangoli designs from south. Its the inner soul that has fire to illuminate life and change.
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