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The Home

Chandan Roy
Sculpture 32 X 10 Inches Contemporary
The 'HOME'-an artwork of my mindscape of the spiritual realm, where people are invited to visit metaphorically, who lost their homeland by political or environmental issues. Migrants live in memories, always imagining and recalling the smells of wood, mud, landscapes, and people of their homelands. when the protagonists return to their homes in Suprio Sen's documentary film WAY BACK HOME, they can no longer recognize the spaces that once fuelled their dreams and filled their imaginations. They betrayed by their memories. With no home to dream about, their exile is permanent. When everything has changed, what is the exact location of their dreams now? living in isolation away from the dream of HOME is a common perspective for many survivors in cosmopolitanism. My idea of making artwork is to create a relief point for them to breath in peace once. I have practiced several installations in nature with natural and found objects like ash, wood, stones, coir, twig, leaves, and plants. Site-specific sculpture and installations like these, while in progress, become purificatory performances in themselves.
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