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Sahajiya Biswas
Mixed Media on Paper 20 X 24 Inches Contemporary
A river is often personified as a mother in India. And an ideal mother is the one who forgives her children, washes off all their sin and embrace them at their worst. There remains a deep embedded trust on water, that no matter what water cleans. A flowing river carries many a prayer and offerings. Since mythological era, rivers have been entrusted to be holy, purest and motherly. we humans have taken our mother river so much for granted that we forget the line where to stop. Closely studying river Yamuna we can find out human traces on its flow. Such a mighty godly powerful river has been diminished to a streamline sewage water carrier in Delhi. The history speaks how it was once the most significant reason for building up of the capital of our country. How a river sustained a whole city and its civilization. History also speaks of human encroachment on the rivers and narrates how a mother's grace has been exploited to every extent. The river's natural coarse has been destroyed. Many a drastic consequence came upon humanity which have no solutions. Destructed ecology, loss of life, lack of water are products of our advancements. Yet the river flows, half-dried, feeble, tired, retaining her grace to be able to sustain a little bit of life amidst all filth. The work has been created with few consecutive layers where one layer partially covers up the previous layer. Thus it is a process of erasure of the purity of nature gradually leading to a destructive advancement amidst of which our beautiful motherly river flows.
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