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Situation 2.0

Dharmendra Sahani
Pen, Pencil or Ink on Paper 18 X 30 Inches Contemporary
This work is inspired by the incidents which are happening around us nowadays. In this painting, I am trying to portray the current situation on the global pandemic and the possible word war. Due to the pandemic, the whole world was locked down. Due to the lockdown, many people lost their jobs and bread. Because of this, the immigrant went look for jobs, food, clothes and wages. They packed all the necessary stuff walking to their hometown. The long lines of people walking is portrayed here as the tail of the legendary snake ‘Sheshnaag’ that is very long. Here the crow is represented as fate in the life of labor. In my perspective, the donkey is compared to those hard-working laborers. This queue of laborers is shown here, they are in search of new employment that they will get a new ray of hope but all in vain. Everywhere they found the same kind of situation. The laborers, who, without saying a word, just silently care enough to keep their body and soul together. Through this masterpiece. I am trying to express my perspective.
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