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Megh Singh
Mixed Media on Canvas 108 X 48 Inches Contemporary
I am an art college graduate in painting from College of Art (New Delhi). My calling of art responds to the existing time. My work mirrors the condition of the society and the events taking place in politics. My works take on political as well as social dimensions, even as a force of political as well as social change. My style of work is satirical in nature. They reflect the negativity in the society, the shortcomings of the law, and the flaws in the administrative system. The political parties, business giants, media and the aristocrats usethe situation to meet their own ends. This is how the feeling of humanityis coming to an end. I try to cover not only on the politics of the country but the politics that takes place at every walk of life and between various relations, be it a boss and employee, a husband and wife, batch mates etc. It shows how it leaves an impact on our mind, how our daily life revolves around it and how the people use it to accomplish their own motives. The subjects are taken from daily news, observation of the immediate surroundings and social media. My style of symbolically using animals to show the harsh reality puns a story that the viewer has to unfold as per his intellectual. All the components of the composition, living or non-living are based on political subjects. I am passionate about writing. I love writing poetry in hindi. Once amalgamated with a painting it adds on to the flavor of the art work. The passive, rebellious and provocative way of writing along with the subject makes a delightful image. I try to build a concept powerful enough to compel the viewer to ponder over it. The vibrant color pallets are used to represent the scenario and the existing contrast between the latent reality and the served lies. The visual hierarchy of the color invokes the same feeling in the viewer. I also accentuate my art work using texture with the help of material that symbolizes the impurities surrounding us.
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