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Jonis Mehra
Oil on Canvas 24 X 30 Inches Contemporary
Caught in a creative block,the blank art space haunted me to hit it up with some creative muse.Detachment from the result helped me to achieve this painting.I looked beyond the subject and object relationship and acted to represent the process instead. The background shows the neurons responsible for the working of our thoughts.Just as the water,the neurons depicts the flow of moving thoughts.The dark colors shows the intensity of the thoughts and relates to the depth of water . Like the fishes adds life to a water body in the same way they made this painting alive .They added a mystic and a creative element which revolves around' The Demanding Canvas' The fishes represents the Lord's Vishnu Avatar 'Matsya',the 1st incarnation set in motion the new era of the society and cosmos and were responsible for repopulating the earth before the beginning of Krita Yuga .It saved the world from the great flood and acted as a source of creation of life. Relating this story to my personal life, it came to my rescue in the same way providing a muse in my new life after my marriage,since its my 1st painting after marriage. Also,it denotes my pondering self looking for inspiration around the canvas.
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