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Remains of the Memory

Rajani Arya
Sculpture 45 X 40 Inches Contemporary
This artwork stems from the need of having a sense of belonging and familiarity in this world. A tree filled with birds’ nest is one of the fascinating image that makes me wonder at the sheer creativity of tiny, flying creatures. Nature and its inhabitants keeps me grounded and hopeful. With the use of METAL WIRES I try to recreate the image of birds’ nest hanging magically on a tree. A tree conveys the stability, and nest conveys the feeling of home. The rigidity of metal wires helps to create something very delicate and organic in its structure.
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The curious amalgam of Metal Wires and tree branch creates an image appealing to the eyes. Copper and Aluminium wires of different gauges have been used to give the nests a more natural and authentic look. For me, this artwork is my attempt to evoke nostalgia, both in me and in my viewers.