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plastic cityscape

Manveer Singh
Others 75 X 108 Inches Landscape
Manveer Singh is one of those few artists who have turned their art practice into a tool to fight against some of the real issues of our time. He aestheticises trash such as plastic from his genuine effort not to let the unrecyclable plastic bags return to nature. He try to explore through his praxis the issues concerned with the situation that bothers ‘him’ in the environment around. In the last 2 years , his life and works have been centered on how planet Earth is transforming into a planet of plastic. On the one hand, the invention of plastic has made human life very comfortable and has contributed to increasing efficiency. For instance, plastic is the cheapest packaging material that stores food for a long time. On the other hand though, this invention has proven to be a double-edged sword. Our Earth has been transformed into a toxic planet because of it. This is seen evident in our oceans accumulating more and more plastic on a daily basis. In the desperate race of progress and development we have created landscapes on earth which are hard to confront, moreover which are hard to inhabit. The life that manifested on earth with all its greenery, made joyful by songs sung by birds, is now covered with toxic plastic waste. An ocean today is no more only water, as it carries plastic in its belly and on its skin. Denizens of various ecosystems are grappling with this material whose pernicious character ruptures various systems of our environment.
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I grown up in Uttarakhand. There, I have seen mountains that used to be full of green plants and trees, animals, and rivers. When I came Delhi to study for my graduation, however, I came across mountains of plastic, filled with toxic gases, into lerable odour, animals’ dead bodies, and polluted water sources. I have been exploring such human-made, artificial mountains of garbage since then. In a rural area, plastic is not in much use because there, the food is mostly prepared, as well as farmed, at home. But in an urban area, due to development and a comfortable lifestyle, the city ended up creating human-made landscapes made out of plastic.