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One Head- Several Thoughts

Anilakumar Govindappa
Pen, Pencil or Ink on Paper 27 X 29 Inches Contemporary
THE INCESSANT BROODING A Thought, feels like a monolith, a singular block of irregular and misplaced events sequentially etched on the surface. An experience of heaviness, suffocated, rolling and sliding slowly towards the very ground and beyond, towards the very center of the gravity overpowering pulling twisting turning and crushing all until to the disappearance….and exhaustion. Thought... as if, it is a rushing wave heavily oozing the surf along the way while the currents charge the swirls until the transition into a thinly disappearing film sucked softly into the spreading sand beds of the ever thirsty shores…..and absorption. Musing on and on, a thought slowly unveils and appears into fragments, a divided piece of a monolith, a thrown out water from the rising wave. Holding on to this piece is a joy, to be able to memorize, to be able to remember, to be able to freeze and isolate the very experience of it. Many and tiny events, while pondering over the scribbles emerge, there appear rolling and rushing thoughts beginning to turn again to a monolith and a rushing wave…..tired and exhausted in happiness and in the memory of the misplaced events……
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