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Pragyan Shukla
Mixed Media on Canvas 72 X 60 Inches Abstract
By the way, our Country is involved in the race of modernity with total consciousness. But the flame of development has started burning our society like wildfire from one side. Our history, which is the oldest in the entire history of the universe, is the beginning or to say that the first birth anniversary of our society was celebrated in the villages. So this is the essence of our existence from villages. India is a Country so it's villages are it's heartbeats.The soul of the nation's culture resides in the village. It is the focal point of ancient traditions, brotherhood, harmony, pollution free environment,signifies the preservance of ancient heritage and culture in all aspects whether it is art, culinary cultures or cultivation traditions, hand-operated flour mill, chimney used for lighting, earthen stove and village earthen pot, etc. are its parts. These things are my inspirations too which appear in my works. Our Indian villagers are an epitome of environmental preservance. Health enhances naturally here. Today these villages are disappearing in the Blind race of development. Nowadays lush greens are replaced by concrete buildings. People are forced to live in dusty environments. They experience development by calling it a city. I Pragyan shukla, have worked with the theme of the village in my art work, in which the fragrance of the soil of the village, the life there and the memories of My own life are indelible. I have tried to represent the geographical area of the village as drone view or satellite view in my work. I am constantly trying to transform small things related to the soil of the village into abstract forms.     During this time, I have used the very cool colors in the art works to keep the village feeling alive and to preserve the righteousness and decency of rural life.The sole purpose of which is to raise awareness among the people. Which is required today.
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