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Magical Stories: stories and images keep changing as time goes.

Kumar A Kumar A
Mixed Media on Paper 80 X 52 Inches Contemporary
The artist studio is a place where aesthetic practice is infused with personal beliefs, memories, identities and stories which are also often shared by the artist with the society around. The studio space becomes a location where existential questions regarding self-identity and knowledge about the world is developed and maintained through specific aesthetic actions like paintings, sculpting etc. Because it is a locus in which the artist confronts his or her freedom to do whatever he or she wants to do aesthetically. Making art thus has been somehow and in some way, a way of finding knowledge about the self and the world, not merely in illustrating or imaging what has already been discovered. In this work is a work in progress always. in this work I'm inquires my expedition as an artist and put it forward as a narrative that is spread across. My quirky means of representation technique takes us through a journey to demonstrate how fragmented ideas capture an artist’s interest and the consequent role of artist’s creative process in bringing these random pieces to fit together to form a larger picture. From imperial ships to a Kathakkali performer, from Victorian designs to Rajasthan’s folk Kavad all occupy a common space – and just as we look for deeper story to connect the dots, the pictures constantly hint and exist as nothing but the visual translation of the artist’s mind. It is a brief map representing ideas that are yet to grow before they emerge as individual tales.
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