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Magical stories of Vahana goes up up on the way.

Kumar A Kumar A
Sculpture 24 X 24 Inches Contemporary
3d Printed sculpture and water colour work: Series desperation: In the process of an artistic practice, we discover and express the surroundings in relation with ourselves and vice versa. Today we are surrounded by visual images, billboards, books, magazines, television, movies, bright city lights and computer art that we boldly proclaim as a sign of our fast-paced technologically advanced society. In such an age, art is more than what was academically divided as drawing, painting, sculpture or photography. Today’s artist studios are not just filled with colors and canvas, but they have become a laboratory for an artist. There is a link between science and art, and they are interdependent because only the innovative and creative mind can create new and authentic. In these artistic laboratories, the mundane is transformed into an object of an aesthetic value and is assigned with new meanings and positions. My work arises of similar process of converting simple elements from my surroundings and placing them as signs and symbols in my art work. These symbols are a hint to my past, the memories and their recurrence in my present. A Memory of object like a packet of button with an illustrated label, place which turned brown from green as I grew, postcard with an abstract stain in it, woolen thread of my grandmother, foldable walking stick of grand pa are my curiosity which turned in to an art work are examples of my association. As visible, these little objects without much significance have for me become carriers and bridges to people and my memories associated with them. Thus my work arises out of a process of documentation in two levels – private and public. While talking and relating about certain elements from the public and bringing them back to the present, I am also connecting them into my personal memories. This is also a process of investigating the structure of memory formation and how particular objects always remind us of certain people or experiences. My work involves the act of combining different processes to suit my artistic expression and thus unrestrictedly draws various mediums and materials to be a part of my art work.
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