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Landscape Series - 01

Bansi Dholakiya
Oil on Canvas 36 X 48 Inches Contemporary
In recent body of works, I am trying to represent solitude of being. Large landscapes and vastness of the space and nature represent isolation and detachment in my works. The memories of the infinite looking paddy fields, deserts and farms I wandered as a child, revisits me through my works. My longing and nostalgia for these spaces, helps me create these abstract- or unreal landscapes. I am using domestic animals like cow, sheep and goat as a metaphor in my works. Mark making and scratching are major elements of my process. I initiate my works with several coats of layering which allows me to spend more time in creating my works. I get inspired by my surroundings and memories. Rural areas and countryside inspire me a lot which reflects in my works. My long term Involvement with weaving and print making help me in rendering the surface I desire to create. I enjoy establishing a dialogue between nature and mankind in my works.
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