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Roma Patel
Acrylic on Canvas 96 X 48 Inches Abstract
“KHOJ” is an extension of my inner quest that is further then expressed through my work. It is like a vast deep ocean that has many invisible layers beneath and to understand what it means one has to dive deep into it. I talk and express through my paintings, it has layers, bright colors, textures and forms that at times spontaneously develop during this entire work process. There are lots of hidden emotions layered in a work like curiosity, uncertainty, happiness and pain. The entire process of my work is like a silent conversation going within almost like a meditation. Most importantly it is space that plays a vital role in my work along with some forms that emerge and some that dissolve and merge with the background. Earlier my work had lot of vibrant colors and strong visible forms wherein in this series colors are more silent and forms are minimal and subtle yet distinct in nature. There is space that has a sound, volume and expression of its own. I curiously work on it with awareness silently conversing and bringing out the forms layered beneath thereby revealing its true aesthetic nature.
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