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Gucci Equilibrium

Vaishali Sahu
Watercolor on Paper 18 X 18 Inches Contemporary
It's a conceptualized hand painted artwork, based on the concept of Gucci's sustainability campaign- Gucci equilibrium. The campaign is build on the foundation of three pillars- Planet, People and Purpose. Each element in this artwork, from even a dot to dash has a meaning/ purpose that serves in explaining the concept, thus making the artwork self explanatory. The eye in the center is the symbol of the campaign, whereas the three consecutive circles towards outside, are the pillars- planet (in the form of fauna), people (small human figures), purpose (SAVE THE EARTH written on the Gucci DIY ophidia bags). The snake outside, bordering the artwork depicts the Gucci world. The four healthy stages of butterfly's life are shown in four corners. The white dashed lines encircles each element and connect one to another, depicting the connectivity between each.
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