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ganesh doddamani
Oil on Canvas 71 X 36 Inches

My vibrantly colored canvases are abstract, and any relationship to landscape has to be sought out by looking deeply. I want to have a narrow, limited footprint to tell people, This is how I see the world, and I'm going to make you see it that way for a while.” Allude to Landscape in formalistic ways, while filling the canvas with wild colors in combinations never seen in nature, The composition is usually in horizontal bands loosely suggesting earth and sky.  The high horizon keeps everything earth and below.” Reaching tendril like through these broad zones of color are what I calls “vertical signifiers” - not trees, but maybe the sense of rhythm. That's how i like to paint, with darks and light, bands that create a sense of rhythm.

The sight of raindrops falling after a long summer is truly beautiful, and the only thing more beautiful is the ‘smell’ of that rain when it first hits the ground. Yes, the smell that makes us poetic and romantic seems to come from rain striking fresh soil. Many are familiar with this smell, but why does that particular rain smell so wonderful?  Water itself does not have any smell, so what’s the secret behind this beautiful smell? This made me to think and work on it .

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