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Debaroti Seth
Mixed Media 60 X 32 Inches Contemporary
Artist statement In the process of analogue photography negative film is an element which I’m interested in, I visualize the distortion of real objects and situations in the negative films. These are the primary and main reference point of my recent art works. In my paintings I am translating these image resources into my own visual language. My present works are surrounding related. By surroundings, I mean any object, any situation and experiences from daily life that get stuck in my memory. I observe the characters, forms, functionality and structure of those objects. I try to keep these factors in my mind and observe the next object in relative to that. Although all of these objects are different in nature, some where they are getting arranged together in my compositions. I arrange them in a single space after modifying and combining their objectivity at one space. By putting these everyday experiences in my composition, I create a new relation between these objects. My whole process of these arrangements is to consciously imagine the reality to transfer it to a state of semi-surrealism and thus inhabiting two objects of different sources at one space. This is the reason why I have chosen the negative film format as this is a field which provides endless possibilities of documenting imaginative space. When we look through these negative films, what we basically see is a monochrome space, in which, originally the lightest region appears darkest and vice versa. So it can never be understood with proper precision that which person or place or time that negative film is documenting. We already need to employ imagination to read a negative film. Negative as a source or resource of image I am using the colour tone and trying to understand certain mysterious exposition of image. I am using the reference of this image. To translate the visual into my art work and explaining my own curiosity toward that visual. I am inspired by the negative films. When I am doing work and I see the negative film materials, the material are almost transparent and of plastic quality. So I used in my paintings, specialty OHP sheets because it’s transparent. I think that when I paint a transparent sheet then I recognise the reverse process which I think my work suits best on the transparent sheet. After that this process brings the similarity with negative effect in my work. I can also use the acrylic sheet, but to absorb the character of negative films, I think that negative film has its own flexibility, thickness for which OHP sheet is most suited. So my idea is to start with a no colour situation and continuously experiment with multiple colour, thereby attempting to bring in a new concept through my composition, which explains the character of negative. I would like to define my work as an expression of semi Surrealistic thought. Such thoughts inspire me in interpreting dreams, which is free from any specific reason and logic.
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