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Dheeraj yadav
Mixed Media on Canvas 46 X 46 Inches

I was interested in working with lines, along with this, in my initial education, I used to work in different mediums and according to subjects or courses, but today while working, I feel the arrival of subjects in my drawings, due to which the interest in drawing and its multiplicity strengthens the subject. This makes us more attracted towards dark colors because only in darkness is there yoga, peace and meditation. I have always accepted my drawings as energy.It is possible that to the viewer, that form may seem like a goddess, but I have imagined and portrayed my mother in the form of a goddess, as you feel, it is in my culture that along with knowing the tradition, there is also a sense of belonging and in Prayagraj. I was born and there are abundance of ancient Goddess temples in Prayagraj. It is possible that due to abundance of Goddesses, that form is visible in my paintings, it may also be natural which is internal.

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