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Concrete Jungle

Mausham R Manglla
Serigraphs 33 X 24 Inches Contemporary
Overlaid with different visual tools like lines, colours and form, my work conveys a belonging, compression of time, space and place in a wider perspective of references, embedded from my surrounding with the critical view of social, political and cultural encounters, often expressed through metaphorical representation of forms and elements. Through my work, I investigate how personal history and memory are tied to place, how time informs memory, and how visual representation can be used to communicate experience. Also through my practice i want to highlight the problems created due to urbanisation, which gradually erasing the precious memories and destroying the natural beauty , and creating a space which gives a sense of placelessness. I often use overlapping in my work to suggest the layering of information we compile within our experiences and our memories.  The layering in the work is an attempt to bring the viewer into my own complicated experience of these places and suggest the complexity of how we come to know a place.The fluid space of memory, influenced by time, place and experience forms the foundation of content for my works. As personal meaning and influences evolve, the residue of the past lingers and with that are attempts to reconcile new information and knowledge with what is known, or imagined, of the past. By merging aspects of lived experience, observations of daily life and imagined scenarios, I make non-objective work that reflects broad experiences of life and memory. I emphasis on widening up the visual elements submerged with new meanings and symbols referred from abstract spaces, images of cities, flora -fauna, geography, history and architectural elements such as columns, façades, porticos, etc. with geographical schema like graphs, plans and renderings. All the visual perception is composed with the playful nature of light and space. With this methodology, I try to reproduce familiar visual signs arranged into conceptual format. The whole idea of my works flows through the veins of contemporary culture with dramatic impact, as they are approachable, aesthetically enchanting, filled with the crux of emotional truth and timeless universal lessons producing an uncanny ambience on the canvas.
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