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Acrylic on Canvas 48 X 72 Inches

Anil Kumar Yadav, is an artist from Gorakhpur born in 1984, one of the holy cities of India. Anil has walked down the dingy lanes of Varanasi, sat by the ghats, lived and felt the homes there to literally feel the Banaras which is older than history. All those who have visited this divine place have found love and peace. Anil’s visual composition contains huge walls,temples ,bells and decorative doors that depict the unadulterated emotion surging in the landscape, leaving an overwhelmed feeling of finding something precious on the streets of Varanasi, at the doorsteps of its old houses. Anil paintings make you travel time, taking age one its toll, and can make you a shadow of your former self and get the sparkle back in your eyes. Anil’s visual narration presents a pulsating culture, depicting a deep-rooted interest and fascination for the spiritual intricacies of Hinduism. His colours build a sense of community making it welcoming

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