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Flower Market (Set of 2)

Prittam Priyalochan
Pen, Pencil or Ink on Paper 11.6 X 8.3 Inches
Little thought is given to the common man - his routine actions are taken for granted. 
It is he who wakes up every morning to face his day - his life is usually hard and full challenges - which are ordinary and may not seem heroic.
it takes strength to go out into the world everyday in order to earn his livelihood and provide food and shelter for his family.
In doing so each of them represent the willingness to help others and also provide us essential services that improve the quality of our lives.
These scenes from everyday life is my humble tribute to their spirit and my way of expressing gratitude for the comfort and joy they bring to our lives.
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It is easy to remember big names of famous people when we think of the word HERO - 
In this series All in a Days Work - it is my humble tribute to the strength  and resilience of the common man who is the real Hero.