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Avinash Pise
Acrylic on Canvas 48 X 48 Inches

I am amazed as I look around, awestruck by the stunning masterpiece that is Nature. It serves as a great source of inspiration and a paradise for artists. I have embraced it wholeheartedly and expressed my admiration through my paintings. These abstract artworks are my way of showcasing my love for nature using the colors of my imagination and creativity. I depict my perception of nature not through my eyes but through my mind and heart.

My art revolves around light and our perception and reaction to it. It is the driving force for artists, the reason why we paint. However, light can be as fleeting as a wisp of smoke as we attempt to capture its various moods. My brush is always in motion.

For me, painting is an essential part of my day, as crucial as eating and sleeping, even more so, akin to breathing! I cannot fathom a day without engaging in some form of art-related activity, be it discussing, reading, or creating art. Like a moth to a flame, a painter is drawn to light. Despite exploring different forms, mediums, and styles in my painting journey, I have inevitably been led, like many others, to capturing the elusive quality of light that only a shimmering sunset, a new day's dawn, or the sparkling reflections on the sea and river can offer to those who are willing to truly observe.

Avinash's artistic style is bold and dynamic, evident in his use of oil and paint application as he delves into the impact of light on his subjects. Striving to convey atmosphere through light and color, he works with varying levels of abstraction.

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